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  • Name Channel : wtv
  • keyword Google search : West TV
  • Description :
    West TV

    West TV

    WTV is an innovative channel with a great choice of entertainment and general interest programs to suit the needs of everyone, regardless of age. Under the leadership and direction of a compact and dynamic team of media professional companies and individuals, WTV is passionate about delivering a broad range of local programs targeting the diversity and needs of our state and community e.g. documentaries, films, sport, music, education, multicultural, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle programs.West TV or WTV, previously New Visions 31, is a free-to-air community television station that beg…

  • Homepage : http://wtvperth.com.au/
  • Stream : http://wtvperth.com.au/watch
  • Country : Australia
  • Language : English
  • Category :  Educational
  • Link Facebook/twitter : http://facebook.com/wtvperth
  • Media Type : Flash player
  • Bitrate : Unknown
  • Geographical location :
  • My rating : Normal
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