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    TV ART
    TV ART

    1. TVART is an internet TV channel for world-wide arts and tourism.

    2. TVART presents 100-second video clips about galleries, museums, architecture, ethnic arts, fashion, photography, performances, animations, landscapes, hotels…

    3. TVART does not include any texts or verbal comments.

    4. TVART’s shooting and filling archives are made in HD format.

    5. TVART presents arts and tourism for the general public as well as for highly professional circles.

    6. TVART never conveys political, nor discriminational messages, nor acts of violence whatsoever.

    7. THE IDEA for TVART belongs to the director Stiliyan Ivanov, who is also the manager of the project. The cameraman job is due to Miroslav Evdosiev. Editor is Alexandra Kovacheva…

  • Homepage : http://tvart.info/
  • Stream : mms://
  • Country : Bulgaria
  • Language : Bulgarian
  • Category : Lifestyle
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=138765736143663
  • Media Type : Flash player
  • Bitrate : 512
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  • info coppy right and More :„ТИ ВИ АРТ” АД
    София, България
    Бул. Акад. Иван Евст. Гешов 46
    tel: +359 2 9524214© Copyright 2010-2013 TVart. Support by George Seksenov

    Съвет за електронни медии. адрес: бул. Шипченски проход 69.; e-mail: office@cem.bg; tel: 029708810

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