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  • Description : Algerian TV Channel. الرئيسية · سياسي و أمني · وطني · محلي · مغاربي · اقتصاد · مهج · دولي · تحقيقات · إسلاميات · تكافل إجتماعي ·About us
    Numidia News tv
    Numidia News tv

    We are the first Algerian news channel, first electronic newspaper and private Algerian news agency reporting the current events and news, situated in Algiers, and our slogan: “New Media for the Reader of Tomorrow” our priorities are the Algerian affairs and the Maghrebian issues and we focus on the interests of the Algerian and Maghrebian communities abroad.

    Our channel is supervised by a crew of Algerian journalists and reporters in the Maghreb, Europe, Gulf countries, the United States, Latin America and Asia…

  • Homepage : http://www.ennahartv.net/
  • Stream : http://www.ennahartv.net/live/player.swf?file=EnnaharTV&streamer=rtmp://live.ennahartv.net:1935/live&autostart=true&stretching=exactfit
  • Country : Algeria
  • Language : Arabic
  • Category : News
  • Link Facebook/twitter : http://www.numidianews.com/ar/page~11.html
  • Media Type : Flash player
  • Bitrate : Unknown
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