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Hope Channel Czech tv

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  • Name Channel : Hope Channel Czech
  • keyword Google search : Hope Channel Czech tv
  • Description :
    Hope Channel Czech tv
    Hope Channel Czech tv

    Hope Channel is a Christian lifestyle television network, encouraging faith and healthy living. Our practical, Bible-centered programs will make a difference in every part of your life–mind, body, spirit, family and community. Using the latest technology, we produce more than 95 percent of our programs and reach not only across the United States and Canada, but also other countries…

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  • Stream :
  • Country : Czech-Republic
  • Language : Czech
  • Category : Religious
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  • Media Type : Flash player
  • Bitrate : 946
  • Geographical location : Unknown
  • My rating : Normal
  • info coppy right and More : © 2013 AWR Studio s.r.o. Všechna práva vyhrazena.
    Jsme členy mezinárodní sítě televizí Hope Channel. Své dotazy či připomínky pište na
    For fast personalized service, please call Dr. Al Navarro, Hope Channel’s Director of Planned Giving.Dr. Albert Navarro
    Director, Planned Giving
    Telephone: 888-339-7526 or 480-252-0844
    Hope Channel
    PO Box 4000
    Silver Spring, MD 20914
    Satellite Dish Sales and Service
    United States and Canada
    Adventist Satellite
    8801 Washington Blvd., Suite 101
    Roseville, CA 95678 USA1-888-393-HOPE (4673)
    +916-218-7806 phone
    +916-677-6228 fax
    Outside North America

    Technical Support
    +27-87-751-9282 phone
    +27-86-508-3867 fax
    World Headquarters

    Contact our world headquarters if you are interested in rebroadcasting Hope Channel on cable, small dish, internet, or other outlets. Hours are Monday to Thursday 8a to 6p ET.
    Hope Channel
    PO Box 4000
    Silver Spring, MD 20914

    Telephone: +301-680-6689

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