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    Galatasaray TV live
    Galatasaray TV live

    Galatasaray TV (GSTV) is a channel of Turkish Giant Galatasaray S.K.. The daily programs of this TV include live games (basketball, volleyball, water polo, equestrian, youth football teams, rowing and sailing) and learning cultural roots of Galatasaray (Galatasaray Lycée—Galatasaray Lisesi, Galatasaray Université—Galatasaray Üniversitesi, history of Galatasaray etc.).

    The channel first launched in January 2006 over satellite, now digital cable services are activated.

  • Homepage : Unknown
  • Stream : Unknown
  • Country : Turkey
  • Language : Turkish,
  • Category : Sports
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube : http://facebook.com/Galatasaray
  • Media Type : Flash player
  • Bitrate : Unknown
  • Geographical location : Unknown
  • My rating : Normal
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