Al Jazeera Sports + 1 lvie



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Al Jazeera Sports + 1 lvie
Al Jazeera Sports + 1 lvie
  • *Name Channel : Al Jazeera + 1
  • *keyword Google search : Al Jazeera + 1 lvie
  • *Description : Al Jazeera Sports +1 is a pan-Arabic TV sports channel. It is part of the Al Jazeera network. Like its sister channels Al Jazeera Sports and Al Jazeera Sports +2 (as well as the Al Jazeera Children’s Channel), Al Jazeera Sports +1 is headquartered in Doha’s Education City (separate from Doha’s Al Jazeera/Al Jazeera English studios). Al Jazeera Sports +1 started broadcasting in 2004, and gathered a sizable audience because of its coverage of the Spanish football league. It went on to win the rights to the Italian football league the following year. Al Jazeera Sports +1 initially was a free-to-air satellite channel, but after commercial pressures the channel was scrambled, making it pay TV, though in comparison to similar channels, the fee, as of 2007, remains extremely low.
  • *Homepage : http://www.en.aljazeerasport.tv/
  • *Stream : <iframe SRC=’http://pogotv.eu/aljazeera-sports1.php’ width=’600′ height=’450′ marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=’no’></iframe>
  • *Country : Qatar
  • *Language : Arabic
  • *Category : Sports TV, My favorite tv channel, Live Football, My favorite sports
  • *Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube :
  • *Media Type : Flash player
  • *Bitrate : Unknown
  • *Geographical location : Unknown
  • *My rating : Best tv
  • * info coppy right and More : Unknown
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