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    Afghaa buzz tv is run by a group of young professionals and students who are dedicated to the promotion of Afghan music. does not have any political affiliation and nor does it support any form of political agenda. Its primary focus is to promote the beautiful music of afghanistan and its talented artists. was established in 2007 with an avowed vision to be the #1 online avenue for Afghans. Our website currently offers music videos, music and live ariana TV. We are completely against downloading of afghan music. Many afghan websites that boasts their concern and dedication to the uplifting of Afghan music also offers thousands of albums for download. It is absolutely wrong and contrary to their proclaimed mission statement. We at Afghanbuzz hope to be a voice, a platform and avenue for showcasing afghan talent and promoting their art work. only offers easy listening of afghan music to help promote the sales of afghan music CDs. If you wish to have your music listed on our website, please contact admin [at] If you have any other concerts, please leave us a message below and let us know how we can be able to assist you and help you in having a wonderful experience while visiting…

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