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    25 online tv

    While the most important thing is revealing the truth, it is also important to take into consideration that each war has an end; parties in one way or another reach compromise.Therefore, we need to plant the seeds of peace in any dispute by abstaining from incidents’ agitation; abstaining also from circulating photos of victims as their relatives may not want to see it because it evokes their feelings… Launched early in 2011, 25TV is a new satellite television channel based on the principles of the Egyptian revolution of January 25th; democracy, freedom and social justice. Committed to honest and non-biased programming.

  • Homepage : http://www.25online.tv/index.php?lang=en
  • Stream : http://www.elahmad.com/tv/swf/25tvonline.swf
  • Country : Egypt
  • Language : Arabic
  • Category : General
  • Link Facebook/twitter/Youtube : http://www.facebook.com/25TVeg
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  • Geographical location : Unknown
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  • info coppy right and More :Main OfficeAddress: 1121 Kornish El Nile St – Cairo – Egypt

    Phone: 02 25776357

    Fax: 02 25776357

    Email: info@25online.tv

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