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    REN TV live
    REN TV live

    REN TV (Russian: РЕН ТВ) is one of the largest private federal TV channels in Russia. Founded by Irena Lesnevskaya and her son, Dmitry Lesnevsky, who had been running REN TV as a production house for other national Russian television channels, it has broadcast since 1 January 1997. Its target audience is a young to middle-age city worker. Even though it focuses mostly on the audience in the 18 to 45 demographic, REN offers programming for a wide range of demographics, since the target viewer has a family and respects family values. The channel has won 13 TEFIs awards presented by the Academy of Russian Television…

  • *Homepage : http://ren-tv.com/
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  • *Country : Russia
  • *Language : Russian
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